5 exercises with an expander for the body of a dream

Nastya Che, an energetic fitness mom and author of an instagram blog@rakamakafit, showed, and we filmed the top five effective exercises with an expander– uhrubber tape,which will strengthen the main muscle groups and create the desired relief for the summer.

Exercise number 1

Breeding legs in a squat with a mini-expander (an alternative version of a similar exercise on the simulator).

What muscles work?

This exercise involves the buttocks, the front, back, and inner thighs.


  • tie a ribbon around your legs just above your knees;
  • keep the feet parallel to each other, back straight, lower back slightly;
  • do a classic squat *;
  • at the lowest point of the knees apart;
  • without leaving a squat, make 15–20 dilutions.

* Technique for doing classic squats:

- Stand straight; spine in neutral position;
- The chest is straightened, do not round the shoulders;
- Do not allow your knees to go beyond the line of socks;
- Transfer body weight to the heels and middle parts of the feet;
- Keep your heels off the floor

Exercise number 2

Squatting with jumping up.

What muscles work?

The main load falls on the quadriceps muscle, or, more simply, the quadriceps. Also strengthened buttocks. To a lesser degree of jumping, the muscles of the back and the muscles of the lower leg are loaded. Additionally included in the work and press.


  • tie a ribbon around the legs below the knees;
  • feet at shoulder width, toes and knees slightly apart;
  • while inhaling, take a squat, dropping down to the parallel with the floor;
  • on the exhale, make a powerful jumping up, pushing the whole foot;
  • as soon as the feet have completely touched the floor, go back to the squat;
  • repeat the jump 20 times.

It is especially important to control the landing: try to get on the floor with both feet at the same time. Landing should be on slightly bent legs (as soft as possible), immediately leaving the next squat

Exercise 3

Rises feet up alternately from a standing position in the bar.

What muscles work?



  • tie a ribbon around the ankle;
  • stand up in the bar * (on the elbows or on the straight arms);
  • while inhaling, take your legs up one by one, squeezing the buttocks as close as possible;
  • do 20 leads for each leg.

* Technique of the bar:

The feet should be together. This position of the feet complicates the balance, thereby increasing the load on the press. Legs are straightened and tense. Improper location of the legs will lead to a weakening of the load on the rectus abdominis, which will adversely affect the lumbar deflection.

During the exercise, the buttocks should be tense. In this position, the core muscles (abdominal muscles, small and medium gluteal muscles, the muscles of the back of the thigh, the adductor and shoulder muscles) will receive a more effective load. Do not bend or round the back. The belly is in itself and tucked up to the ribs.

The most common mistake strap - too high lift buttocks. The body should be stretched in a straight line, and the weight distributed between the support on the elbows / straight arms and socks

Exercise 4

"Buttock bridge" with the breeding of legs in the highest point with elastic mini-tape.

What muscles work?

Buttocks, biceps / posterior thigh muscles and abs. Dilution of the legs allows you to activate the inner thigh.


  • tie a ribbon around the thigh just above the knees;
  • Lie on your back, bend your knees, rest your feet firmly on the floor, place your hands along the body or lay on your stomach;
  • on the inhale, squeezing the buttocks, lift the hips to the right angle at the knees;
  • at the top point of the knees apart;
  • get down;
  • do 20 repetitions.

Exercise 5

Alternate abduction of hands from the "bar" position (a multifunctional and more effective analogue of the moves with dumbbells).

What muscles work?



  • tie a ribbon around your wrists;
  • stand in the bar;
  • on inhalation, turn hands straight apart;
  • lower on the exhale;
  • do 20 leads for each hand.

Perform each exercise for 20 repetitions. At the end of a circle of 6 exercises, take a rest 3 minutes - and a new circle. In total - 4 laps. And do not forget to give 5 minutes to warm up before and hitch after training.

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