4 things that make you "middle"

You equate your life with your work. If the main purpose of life for you is salary, there is nothing good. By tying life to work, you become completely dependent on it. Your mood will be determined by the mood inside the office. Your motivation will depend directly on success in the workplace. Work will not last forever, sooner or later you will retire, and then life will remember you all that you have lost, wanting to be the “ideal employee”.
You spend too much time on apps and social media. These devices are really convenient. They make it easy to establish communication with other people. However, most people use them excessively. Just think how much time is wasted when you are on social networks. If you do not want to continue to be a "middling" kill in your dependence on social media and applications.
You always consider yourself busy.It seems to you that you have too many things to do, so you can neglect dinner with your family or walk with your loved one. Practice shows that 80% of the time a person spends on completely unnecessary things. Try to think about whether you really need to cope with this task. Perhaps completely different things are of real value to you.
You like to gossip. Discussion of the imaginary flaws of other people is a pleasure. It happens on a subconscious level, a person just thinks that he is not so bad. Give up this habit.

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