31 movie that will give you a magical Christmas mood

We all look forward to the New Year. New Year's bustle, the choice of gifts for their loved ones, a beautiful Christmas tree and the scent of tangerines ... But how can a magical night be complete without your favorite New Year's films? Of course not! Therefore, today we want to share with you an amazing selection of 31 films that will give you a festive and magical mood.

1. The Family Man, 2000

The hero of Nicolas Cage 13 years ago, he preferred his family to a career and was absolutely satisfied with his life. However, one morning he suddenly woke up in a suburban village, where he had a completely different life - his wife, children and a dog. What will the hero choose - family or career?

2. “7 main desires”, 2013

A domestic film about a simple girl named Masha, who had a bird in her hands, ready to fulfill her seven most cherished desires ...

3. “Polar flight”, 2013

The vicissitudes of fate bring the pilot Igor to the edge of the world where the wise shaman dwells,who gave him a magic amulet. Can an amulet help the pilot regain family happiness?

4. "Happy New Year, Mom!", 2012

Continuation of the popular melodrama "Moms", where the actions take place on the eve of the New Year.

5. "Sleepless in Seattle", 1993

In the center of the plot is a lonely man who survived the death of his wife, and his son. One day the boy called the radio asking him to find his mother and his beloved father. The message interested the journalist Annie, who decided to write a story about the history of the bachelor.

6. “Home Alone”, 1990

This film can be reviewed every year, and he never gets bored.

7. “Poor Sasha”, 1997

Lyrical New Year's comedy about how much people need the love of loved ones.

8. “Hello family!”, 2005

The heroine of Sarah Jessica Parker is opposed to the hatred of her groom's entire family. Will she manage to win their love on Christmas Eve?

9. "Family rental", 1997

Sam Pole is a wealthy and successful businessman who needs to play the role of a family man in order not to lose an important client.

10. “Christmas Tale”, 2008

A French film about the problems of a large but not very friendly family, which at one moment learns that the mother of the family (Catherine Deneuve) is terminally ill.

eleven."Magicians", 1982

Christmas musical comedy film fairy tale with Alexander Abdulov.

12. “Grinch - the abductor of Christmas”, 2000

The Grinch, which the townspeople did not like, hated Christmas and decided to steal it.

13. “Holidays on exchange”, 2006

Heroines Cameron Diaz and Kate Winslet lived in different cities and were unhappy with their love life, so they decided to swap houses for the holidays to completely change the atmosphere around. However, the heroines did not know that a vacation would completely change their life.

14. “200 cigarettes”, 1999

American comedy about New Year's party in the center of New York.

15. "New Christmas Tale", 1988

Frank Cross, an unfeeling, self-enraged cynic, always referred to others with contempt, but on Christmas night, the ghosts decided to re-educate him.

16. “Cold Heart”, 2013

The young princess Elsa since birth can freeze objects. After a scandal with her sister Elsa, she runs off into the forest and spells a spell on the whole kingdom.

17. "A gift for Christmas", 1996

The main character is a successful man who promised his son the coolest toy for the New Year, but things didn’t go according to plan.

18. “What are men talking about?”, 2011

Christmas comedy, the main motto of which: not a minute without a joke and humor.

19. "Elki", 2010

Simple, but kind people of our immense country. Each of them has its own problems and concerns associated with the New Year.

20. “Merry Christmas”, 2005

War drama about real events during the First World War.

21. “Old New Year”, 2011

In New York, as in any other large city, there are many lonely people who are looking for their halves.

22. "The Keepers of Dreams", 2012

Long ago, in the dark ages, the dreams of children were filled with fear. It was a time when the only Guardian of dreams was an ominous Boogeyman. But Lunolik decided to change this state of affairs.

23. "Orphan of Kazan", 1997

Nastya is a village teacher who, on the New Year's Eve, suddenly had 3 dads at once. Who is her real father?

24. “The Carnival Night”, 1956

Soviet classic and well-known song about five minutes.

25. “Survive Christmas”, 2004

The young and successful man, whom the girlfriend threw, decided to visit the orphanage in which he grew up, and found his happiness.

26. “This Planet is Funny,” 1973

Aliens flew to the ground and began to have fun on the New Year.

27. The Girls, 1961

The story of a simple orphan girl, Toshi Kislitsina, who graduated from the culinary school and by distribution falls into the harsh Urals.

28. The Nightmare Before Christmas, 1993

Jack Skellington - the king of horrors, who himself wants to distribute New Year's gifts to children, and therefore kidnapped Santa Claus. Will he get a holiday for the children?

29. “The Bridget Jones Diary”, 2001

The thirty-two-year-old Bridget Jones had nothing but bad habits and extra pounds. In the New Year, she plans to give up bad habits, lose weight and begin to meet with her boss.

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