20 necessary and inexpensive things with summer sales

During the summer sales should not be sprayed and buy everything. In our list, only everything you need!

Price-tagging enticements can be easily confused if you go shopping without a clear plan and an idea of ​​what you really need. The rule of summer, and indeed any sales is simple: buy only what you can wear not only until the end of this season, but also at least half of the next one.

I would like to note that this category includes not only “boring” basic things, but also trendy fresh items that her friends want to show off. Wday.ru has gathered a small guide for you on the most “smart” purchases of this summer.

Summer sale 2018: photos
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Dress.Romantic girls' dresses with ruffles and frill will not lose their relevance for a very long time, so you can safely invest in them. In addition, do not forget about the eternal classics - a dress with a smell, which, by the way, fits perfectly both thin and on girls plus size. If you want something bold and extraordinary, pay attention to the overalls.Strict monophonic or playful in an elegant strip - the choice is yours!

Outerwear.Sani, as they say, you need to cook in the summer. So do not forget to look after yourself in the fall jacket or jacket made of artificial leather. Kosuhi are relevant at all times, so take the opportunity to buy your ideal model for a pittance! For business suites, an eco-suede jacket is perfect.

Shoes and bags.This summer, shopping bags turned out to be at the peak of fashion. Sure, they will celebrate their triumph in a year! This means that to buy at least one such accessory is a must. Of the classic models, one should give preference to concise bags-bags: they look good not only with summer dresses, but also with cozy autumn coats. As for shoes, a list of your purchases must include a pair of leather sneakers and mules - no heroine of fashion weeks thinks of herself without them!

Tops.And here it is worth adhering to the principle of minimalism. Basic wardrobe also needs updating! It is wisest to buy a pair of oversize cotton shirt, which can be worn in the office, on a date, or for a walk.Remember: shirts are combined with almost any jeans, trousers and skirts, which means that they are a very profitable acquisition.

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