10 useless things that litter the kitchen

Do you get great deals from home appliances stores every day? Do sellers offer to buy kitchen gadgets that will improve life? Before you run for new clothes, consider whether you need a device that most likely will gather dust on the mezzanine most of the time. Together with our expert, the director of the store, Viktor Kuzin, we are sorting out the list of things that you should spare some money to buy.

Of course, not all household appliances are useless. The food processor will replace both the grater, and the knife, and the mixer with the blender. No space for this rather large device? Buy all the listed gadgets separately. Any hostess will make life easier for the housewife, and the coffee maker will allow you not to watch the fragrant drink at the stove, which still tries to pour the stove. The slow cooker is good for its “independence”: in many models there is a cooking function with a delay. In addition, the products in a smart pot do not burn. An electric kettle can help boil water for a couple of minutes.

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Deep fryer

This is a device that allows you to cook meals in hot oil. Many housewives in pursuit of fashion buy this device, and after the first use they hide on the mezzanine. And this is not by chance. Washing the unit is difficult, it takes a lot of space on the working surface, and food prepared with the help of such a gadget cannot be called useful - solid carcinogens. In addition, the savings have to forget, because in a medium-sized fryer poured from 600 ml of vegetable oil.

Price - from 2000 rubles.

Who would like: lovers of fast food.

Double boiler

This is the device in which diet meals are prepared. The fact that the gadget helps to create a healthy menu is, of course, a plus. But the fact is that the younger sister of the double boiler, the slow cooker, has the same qualities, but the latter has more useful functions. In addition, a multi-storey steamer is bulky, and steamed dishes are rarely eaten every day. By the way, there are also variations of the appliance, such as a rice cooker. It is not difficult to guess that such a unit is needed only for those who follow the rice diet.

Price - from 2000 rubles.

Who will enjoy: only those who follow a therapeutic diet.

Yogurt maker

This gadget, which is chosen by the housewife, wanting to feed his family with dietary and very useful products. The device is really good, only after its purchase it turns out that the refrigerator does not always contain the ingredients necessary for preparing a delicious dish. And in the morning there is usually not enough time to mix yogurt, and then another to wash the device.

Price: from 2000 rubles (there are, however, cheaper gadgets with mechanical rather than electric control).

Who would like: mothers kids.

Electric can opener

It is needed only for those who open tin cans every day. That's just the question - is it necessary to constantly eat canned foods?

Price - from 300 rubles.

Who will love: fans of technology, those who like to flash in front of friends with unusual gadgets.

Egg cooker

About the functions of the device says its name, only a few of the buyers know that the gadget has a drawback: it does not take into account that the eggs can be of different sizes, so not all of them are of the same degree of readiness. A regular saucepan and a slow cooker can replace the appliance.

Price - from 600 rubles.

Who would love: fans of any technique.

Slicster (slicer)

The device is needed, perhaps, to those who regularly organize parties or eat some sandwiches. Supporters of a diverse menu gadget is not required. Moreover, the place in the kitchen, he will take a lot.

Price - from 2600 rubles.

Who would like it: the gadget is needed by those who regularly organize parties or eat sandwiches alone.

Citrus Juicer

The gadget is useful, but if you are accustomed to fresh juice, then you should not get a monopribor, which is only suitable for making a drink of oranges and grapefruits. It is better to choose a universal model.

Price - from 1100 rubles.

Who would like: those who love only one type of juice.

Bread maker

The hostesses fall in love with this device at first sight and in some families use it constantly. But most of the ladies in two or three weeks of using the unit clean it on the balcony or mezzanine, the gadget takes up a lot of space. And he consumes a lot of electricity, in addition, a large amount of bread to an ordinary family is not required. Non-expensive ingredients are required for cooking, so baking loaves takes place only on holidays.

Price - from 4500 rubles.

Who would love: cooking fans.

Crepe Maker

Not every woman can adapt to this device. Many prefer to use the usual griddle. Yes, and pancakes, cooked "grandmother's" way, much tastier than those baked on an electrical device.

Price - from 2000 rubles.

Who would like: summer residents, in country houses which do not have a full-fledged stove, tenants of rented apartments, equipped with old electric stoves.

Thermo - device for boiling water

In fact, it is a hybrid of a kettle and a thermos. It heats the water and maintains the required water temperature for a long time. Of course, this saves energy. But only if the kitchen is equipped with an electric stove (it is cheaper to boil water on a gas burner). In addition, to maintain a high temperature of water for several hours is necessary only for those who are constantly at home.

Price - from 4000 rubles.

Who will like it: those who spend a lot of time at home and often drink tea.

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