10 tips on how a girl can earn on cryptocurrency

At the end of April, Moscow hosted the world's first cryptocurrency conference specifically for women, CryptoLedi-2018. For two days, participants learned how to realize themselves in this area. We have selected the most useful comments on this topic.

Modern urban girls often wonder how to enrich their own finances in order to buy Manolo Blahnik shoes, a stylish car or a three-room apartment on Tsvetnoy. Classic instructions offer three options: find a well-paying job, build a successful business, or marry a wealthy man. But there is a fourth way, which has become a novelty of the season, to replenish your finances thanks to cryptocurrency. We tell how to do it right.

1. Self-educate

Read, watch, visit, be in the subject.

“If you have something in your resume related to the phrase“ Blockchain, ”it immediately raises your salary by 20%.” Elina Sidorenko, director of the center of the digital economy and financial innovation at MGIMO of the Russian Foreign Ministry.

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Blockchain is a new technology that can be used in anything, similar to Facebook in the 90s.

Cryptocurrency is a commodity, in function it looks like money.

A token is a coin, any project can release its coin and sell it. In terms of functions, it is similar to stocks.

Bitcoin is the most popular type of cryptocurrency, like a dollar.

Altcoin is all other cryptocurrencies that are not Bitcoin.

ICO is a quick way to raise money for your startup, by analogy with an IPO.

Smart Contract is a system for exchanging money, shares, property without intermediaries.

2. Open your wallet

Create your own cryptographic online, where you can take cryptocurrency. It is fast and free.


Wallets are public and private, hot and cold.

Public can be shown to transfer your cryptocurrency.

Private only for you - for the withdrawal of money.

Hot is a digital wallet on the stock exchange. If suddenly something bad happens to the exchange, it will happen to your wallet and its contents.

Cold is a special gadget, similar to the phone that you keep at home and sleep peacefully, you are independent from the exchange.

3. Buy a small amount of cryptocurrency

Buy a bitkion or ethereum for a small amount, for example, 1000 rubles, through a special exchange and follow the course.

“Cryptocurrency is the economy of the future. Investing in it is already responding with profit. ” Anna Moskaleva, vice-president of the cryptocurrency fund Token Finance.


In order not to lose money, invest only in the very top coins that move the whole market. By the principle of the Dow Jones index, when money is invested in the top 30 most successful companies that have already proven themselves.

4. Find a trusted mentor.

For example, contact traders because they don’t care if the rate rises or falls. They know how to make money in the first and in the second case. Beware of scams, you need to find a really reliable person.


The bull market is a growing market.

A bear market is a falling market.

Short is a way to make money in a falling market.

5. Get involved in an ongoing project.

Get involved in the project associated with the blockchain technology in any capacity. And become part of the team.

“The safest are network affiliate programs.” Valeria Bolshikh, a partner of the Airbit Club.


You will find a lot of vacancies on popular job search sites, you just have to write the word "blockchain" in the search box.

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6. Sign up for special education.

Sign up for online courses that will help you understand the new field, decide on the goal and take the right steps.

“Having your income, you have the freedom to choose: professions, men, places of residence. Cryptocurrency increases the degree of this freedom. Cryptornok is the world of men. Become the queen in it! ”Natalia Zakheim, investor and founder of the educational project“ School Personality and Capital ”.


Types of courses: investing, managing crypto portfolio, trading, creating blockchain systems, mining, etc.

7. Get to know the miners

Mining is the mining of cryptocurrency on special equipment. You can buy ready-made or assemble it from video cards and put it in a place with cheap electricity. For example, in a special hotel for mining. And this unit will produce monthly digital money for you, which you will exchange for rubles through special online exchangers. But keep in mind that this makes sense when there are many such devices.Therefore, for a start, we recommend that you make acquaintances with the miners and see how everything works for them.


Mining is a mining cryptocurrency.

Mining farm is a special equipment for mining.

Asik is the equipment from the manufacturer for the extraction of cryptocurrencies.

8. Join the crypto community

Join all the online clubs where you can get the latest information. You will be up to date and make useful contacts around the world.

“Start with something!” Anu Bhardwaj, founder of the international fund Women INVESTING in women DIGITAL.


Take this opportunity to pull up your English by reading English-language articles and communities. Or use the browser from Google, which itself translates English-language sites.

9. Become a hodler

Favorably buy and hold your assets in any market situation. This strategy is strongly opposed to trading. It is believed that the one who "skit", eventually gets the most cream. Those who are not so patient and twitches at the slightest pretext will receive many times less.

“Hodling is the safest type of investment for newbies.” Elena Sharbur, crypto artist, designer.


Hodler is not just a typo in the word holder ("holder").

Hodl is a meme, it appeared in a post on a popular crypto forum in late 2013, when the price of Bitcoin collapsed, after which it entered cryptocurrency terminology.

10. Do not be afraid. Get started!

Do not be afraid of the unknown, study the scope and projects in it, find the role model, set a goal for yourself and start taking steps in this direction.

“Today in the world of high technology, the leading positions are taken by men, women are afraid to enter this world. We were able to dispel the myths - women in cryptocurrency to be. " Anastasia Pilipchuk, author and organizer of Crypto Lady.


Write down in your diary: “Attend an event and make new acquaintances!” Googling where the nearest event will take place in your city or online, and invite a friend / girlfriend for the company.

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