10 surprisingly simple wooden products that will certainly decorate the interior of your house

If you cannot wait to make something, to make something from wood, but you have never done anything like this, we offer 10 simple, but very interesting projects that are easy to bring to life!

1. Creative cutting board or tray.Very interesting and easy! Your friends will be pleasantly surprised 🙂

ideas for inspiration

2. Box for beer.What a real man should have! Such a box is also easy to manufacture, but it blows from some sort of masculine charm!

ideas for creativity

3. Unique coffee table on wheels.Such a table will be a bright decoration of your living room. The technology of its manufacture is already a bit more complicated, but is it a barrier? 🙂

ideas for home

4. Stalls and tables for the yard.If you live in your own home, you can make the patio even more comfortable! Such benches and tables are very easy to manufacture. But what a beauty!

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5. Feeder for birds.This trough will be a real decoration of your garden!


6. Coffee table from old boxes.If you have 4 unnecessary drawers, make such a table easier than ever. If not, the boxes can be made in a couple of hours.

country style

7. A box for toys or just things.To organize a little space, you can make such a box. It can be put in the bedroom or in the attic so that things do not get covered with dust.


8. The original shop with a pot.If your house has a lot of greenery, why not decorate it with such a wonderful shop?


9. Photo frame.Very creative and interesting frame for handmade lovers.

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10. Stand-mat for shoes.

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