10 of the best directors of our time

They make our cinema more interesting, richer and brighter! With the help of their great talent and irrepressible imagination, we can enjoy the masterpieces of world cinema, unique and unique films that do not leave the viewer indifferent. Of course, it will be about the most famous and successful filmmakers of our time, because they are the main creators in the film industry.

However, based on which criterion can you choose the best of the best? Number of films? Or the amount of the earned state? The number of awards that the work of the director was appreciated? Perhaps, each of them is an original criterion of success, on the basis of which we prepared our rating.

  1. Steven Spielberg. So, our top 10 of the most famous and successful filmmakers opens this very person, who already, by right, bears the title of “himself” in this sphere. Spielberg filmed his first amateur cinema at the age of 12, with which he had already managed to win his first competition.Today, this person already has two Oscar statuettes for direction, as well as dozens of successful films, including Jurassic Park, Schindler's List, Jaws, and many others.
  2. George Lucas. It was this man who created his own Universe, the world of Star Wars - the brainchild that became his life’s work, as well as a real cult for thousands of saga fans. It was "Star Wars" that made him famous throughout the world, as well as one of the richest people in Hollywood.
  3. Martin Scorsese. Next on our list of the "best" is the talented and inimitable Scorsese, on whose account the Oscar-winning "Gangs of New York", "Aviator" and "The Island of the Damned." On account of the director many prestigious awards, including statuettes "Oscar", "Golden Globe" and many others.
  4. Woody Allen. The recognized genius of independent cinema, because not always the success of films is precisely their cashiness. The talented director has three Oscar statuettes, a golden palm branch, which is presented at the prestigious annual Cannes Film Festival, as well as many other international awards.In addition, Woody Allen is the author of many plays and short stories, as well as a successful creator in a variety of genres.
  5. Clint Eastwood. As presented above, this name is familiar to many of us, for how can one imagine modern Hollywood without so-called spaghetti-westerns? For his films "Baby in a Million" and "Unforgiven," the director received two Oscars - for best direction and best film.
  6. James Cameron. Probably, it is not long to reflect on the success of this person, one has only to mention his most famous paintings: “Titanic” - a film with a record, even today, budget, as well as box office, “Terminator” and its subsequent parts, which have already become classics a kind of, as well as "Avatar" - one of the most successful and large-scale projects that have ever existed in world cinema.
  7. Quentin Tarantino. Another name, which has already become literally a household name, and its brainchild “Pulp Fiction” is the world masterpiece of modern cinema. By the way, it was for him that he received many prestigious awards - the Golden Globe, the Oscar, the British Mask, and even the most recognized award, the Golden Palm.
  8. Tim Burton. The unique and inimitable talent of this person literally turns the mind of the fans of his films, because to call them “ordinary” definitely will not work. In the box of this director are such famous films as "Edward Scissorhands", "Big Fish", "Sleepy Hollow", "Planet of the Apes" and many others. In each of them, one can see a special, even, one can say, non-standard vision of the world, which makes it stand out among contemporaries.
  9. Christopher Nolan. Among all the directors mentioned, Christopher is perhaps one of the youngest, but no less talented. He does not release several films a year, sometimes the breaks between his creations can be several years, which, perhaps, is only for their benefit. Among his works are Interstellar, which has boomed over the past year, as well as Beginning, Prestige and The Dark Knight. All the works of the author are unusual, endowed with a special meaning and a beautiful picture, which you should definitely see.
  10. Ridley Scott. A man with a capital letter, in the list of which there is a huge variety of various motion pictures, among which there are a lot of religious masterpieces. On his account such famous and loved by many films as “Soldier Jane”,blockbuster "Gladiator", which is nominated for 12 Oscar nominations, as well as "Kingdom of Heaven" and fantastic "Prometheus".
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