10 inexpensive wedding dresses

Prices for wedding dresses in specialized shops start at about the cost of a good winter coat (or even fur coats!) And end with a symbol of infinity - this is known even to those who have never married and never plans. And if you think sensibly, in itself the concept of a wedding dress - a dress for one day, which at the end of the holiday is likely to be dirty and / or spoiled, - does not justify big spending, but nevertheless there are such brides who once saw live wedding dresses from Marchesa or J. Mendel with the price tag as a car economy class and forever lost sleep. If you do not belong to them, and the notorious "I'll be married already unbearable" will come already this summer, we urge you not to spend money on a wedding dress, but rather to fork out for a romantic trip, and the notorious snow-white (however, not necessarily!) Outfit to pick up at an affordable price. In this compilation, we have collected 10 variants of wedding dresses from both specialized and ordinary collections of various brands - for brides who prefer to spend money not on multi-layered lace, but on impressions.

Wedding dress in the Greek style

Eternally relevant style on which you can safely bet: first, this model of wedding dress will suit the most different types of figures, and secondly, after the holiday it can easily be turned into a vacation sundress for going to parties at the pool.

Dress in the Greek style Rachel Zoe

Dress in the Greek style Rachel Zoe (8 760 rubles).

Wedding dress case

After a review of Russian designer brands, we began to look more closely at the creativity of the latter and do not cease to discover pleasant surprises. For example, in this case, this dress, which is easily (and deservedly!) Turned into a wedding, those who are allergic to traditional wedding aesthetics with ruffles and ruffles.

Libellulas Sheath Dress

Sheath Dress Libellulas (14 800 rub.)

Pink Chiffon Wedding Dress

Hue and texture in this outfit together make an impression - the fabric resembles a frozen fruit sorbet. Surprisingly in itself, this outfit in some surprising way looks at the same time very solemnly, and quite everyday.

Nasty Gal Pink Chiffon Dress

Wedding dress with low shoulders

The British brand Asos is able to make inexpensive dresses literally for all occasions, and the wedding is among them. There are no dress-cakes and pompous laces in the wedding line of the brand, but there are models that catch current trends,- for example, as this dress is the color of a tea rose with a low line of shoulders.

Dress with low shoulders TFNC

Lace Wedding Dress

This dress is uniquely in the style of the Duchess Catherine, which is quite expected, because after the British “wedding of the century” closed models of lace dresses and long sleeves began to eagerly quote many brands. Plus, this option is that it can be counted as interseasonal, and still save on jewelry (except, perhaps, jewelry in the hair), since in the presence of so many laces they will obviously be superfluous.

Missguided Lace Dress

Missguided lace dress (13 200 rub.)

Wedding dress with sequins

This outfit has a dress reputation for Cinderella or a dress from Kerry Bradshaw's wardrobe that could easily dress something like this for dinner, complete with a short jacket and a hat. And if you want the dress to be inexpensive, but certainly spectacular, then this is exactly the case.

Dress with sequins B. Darlin

Dress with paillettes B. Darlin (4 610 rub.)

Olive Wedding Dress

An outfit that is close to perfection for a wedding celebration in nature or on the beach, which costs about the same as a wedding set up in a local salon. At first glance, the dress looks too simple, but in this and its charm - this is the "clean sheet"which can be modified in its own style with the help of hair, accessories and ornaments.

Dress with olive Zara

Dress with olive color Zara (4 999 rub.)

Wedding dress in vintage style

In this outfit, you can easily imagine a movie star of the 40s or 50s, although the dress at the back immediately reveals its “modern” origin due to the presence of both a deep neckline and an open back. Although the most attractive of its properties, we would call even not cuts and cuts, but a concise design and a nice looking powdery tint.

Oh My Love Vintage Dress

Dress in vintage style Oh My Love (6 900 rub.)

Wedding overalls in white color

It would be simply impossible to do without a jumpsuit in this collection, because in the wedding fashion this item of clothing is our “new black”. In particular, the chosen model looks like a wedding elegantly in a solo format, but it can also act as a festive outfit for cocktails and events with a picky dress code.

Overalls in white Mustard Seed

Wedding mini dress

And finally, the final version is dedicated to those who see their wedding dress only in the form of everyday attire, which then will not gather dust in the closet, but will remain “in action”.For example, this model of mini-dresses with appliqués of lace and perforation for one day can be made wedding, and then continue to wear it all summer long — with denim jackets, sneakers, suede vests and hippie hats.

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