10 funny gifs with Renee Zellweger in which you recognize yourself

April 25, our favorite actress Renee Zellweger turns 48 years old. We recall the funniest moments from the films with her participation.

What would we do without Bridget Jones movies? They probably died out of boredom and did not know where to put their complexes. Benefit Renee Zellweger in the form of an unmarried girl for 30 showed how you can live and have fun, despite the troubles, which, by the way, tend to end.

When you put on white and fall in the dirt

Fall in the dirt and in black, agree, pleasant small. But according to the law of meanness, the weather changes for the worse when you put on a new white suit or dress. And, alas, even dry cleaning will not save clothes after mud and puddles.

When you get up on the scales after the holidays

Even with iron willpower, breakdowns can occur. Especially if after a long diet or fashionable syroedenie you stopped by to visit your mother, who, of course, specially prepared for you a hundred pieces of salads with mayonnaise, chicken and potatoes and three cakes ...

When you meet a handsome guy in a terrible sweater

You look into his eyes and understand that it is he, the man of your dreams. And then you lower your gaze below and ... notice the terrible clothes. No, it seems you're wrong again.

When you leave home in a great mood

If nothing happened, and you got up unexpectedly in a good mood, wait for a trick. For example, there is a 90% chance that a car will spray you on the way to work.

When nobody came to your party

You called on the home party of the best friends, and they had more important things to do: one you need to meet your husband from a business trip, the second is to go to the parents' meeting, the third is to visit her grandmother. The main thing - do not fall into despair and have fun with yourself.

When you spend the weekend at home

On Friday you painted the weekend by the minute: finally go to the gym, meet your sister, buy a new dress, visit a fashionable exhibition ... But in the morning you became too lazy to leave the house, and you were left alone with food and TV series.

When you look bad, but consider yourself a queen

The mood, as they say, above all. Yes, you did not have time to lose weight for an important event, but you bought a beautiful dress and made a manicure.What is not a reason to go through the hall with his head held high?

When your boyfriend looks at another

You sit on diets for the sake of it and go to the gym, and he stared at your mutual friend? What oh oh ?!

When the boss is trying to flirt with you

You work quietly, and the boss calls and offers any obscenity. It remains to make such a facial expression that he understood everything without words.

When you want to be like a supermodel

You go to a cabriolet and imagine how your scarf flutters in the wind, like Irina Shayk. But here is bad luck. With a real wind, and not a fan with an accessory, you will have to say goodbye: it will fly away and will not return.

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