10 films full of snow

This is a selection of films in which stuck in the snow had a hard time. But they did it! We can handle it and we are waiting for spring.

"Groundhog Day"

The story of how the weather commentator and big zaznayka Phil Connors comes to the town of Panksatoni, to make a plot about the upcoming spring. There he is awaited by a sleepy groundhog, benevolent inhabitants, the love of his life and several hundred identical days. A reporter gets stuck in a single snowy February day and gets out only when he learns to be noble, kind, and truly love. You can watch endlessly on Bill Murray, he is even sweeter than Phil Groundhog.


The plane with oil workers from Alaska crashes. Several survivors are forced to conquer life from hungry wolves and snow-covered desert. The hero of Liam Neeson, tormented by the pain of losing his beloved woman, becomes the leader of a group of desperate and not-so-nice men. His fight for life turned out to be melancholic, with a bunch of flashbacks and snow falling asleep.

"The stupid thing is simple"

Scandinavian drama with Stellan Skarsgard, decorating any movie.Nils, day after day clearing the Norwegian roads from the snow, learns that his son died of an overdose. A man keeps track of the last days of his son, finds out who pushed him on a slippery track, and calmly and measuredly begins to take revenge. The film coexists tragic and comic, bloody murders and subtle movements of the soul, and for the beauty meet the snow-covered endless Norwegian landscapes.


French Noir Detective, which takes place in a small town among the trees and snowdrifts. Arrived there for inspiration writer David Rousseau learns of the death of a local girl, who became famous as a double Marilyn Monroe. David sees this as not an understandable suicide, but a mysterious murder. The author follows the trail, revealing many mysteries on his way, some of which are amusingly erroneous. As a result, the viewer understands that he was not looking at a detective story, but a parody of him.


In the cult film of the Coen brothers everyone walks in downyards and parks, they shiver, they beat off the boots from the adhering snow, clean the cars of hoarfrost ... The Coens for the first time showed in the film their native frozen Minnesota and introduced into the film a couple of aggressive idiots, one greedy fagot and the most wonderful pregnant woman- a policeman.

The Ghoulish Eight

Black comedy with Ennio Morricone's stunning music mixed with the howling wind. In this film, Quentin Tarantino, the devil of the snuffbox does not jump out to the very end, but it is already pleasant to enjoy the fact that eight excellent actors play the notorious scoundrels. The bounty hunter (Kurt Russell) brought with him a famous criminal (Jennifer Jason Lee), the executioner, played by Tim Roth, polite and courtesan, a former major-northerner turned into a catcher of criminals ... All the heroes hid in a roadside pub from hell snowstorm and check each other friend for strength.


In the old school "Rock-climber" with Sylvester Stallone - adrenaline explosion and naivety of insurgents of the 90s, beautiful snow-covered mountain landscapes and wonders of gravity. Risk Gabe, a professional mountaineer, is taken to help a group stuck in the mountains. Those are refused not by tourists, but by criminals who lost their suitcases with money in the mountains.

"8 women"

Eight women hiding something and one dead man stuck in the house, where you can not get out because of heavy snow. Who is the murderer? Of course, one of the ladies. The stars of the French cinema (Catherine Deneuve, Fanny Ardant, Isabelle Huppert) in the comedy retro-musical Francois Ozon look as if they came off a vintage box of chocolates.But behind silk dresses, ideal hairstyles peek out loneliness and pain, vicious communication, secret passion and, of course, motive.

"Mountains between us"

Not a harsh, but a romantic story of survival in the snowy mountains. Heroes Kate Winslet and Idris Elba get stuck in the mountains after the plane crash. Knowing that they will not be found, they are forced to descend down themselves, slowly but surely penetrating each other with sympathy. In this film there is no showdown of frightened people and a desperate fear for life. Just two met in the snow, admiring the scenery and fell in love a little.


The screen adaptation of the novel Yu Nesbe though considered a failure, but the atmosphere and very colorful snow landscapes it does not affect. In the film, Thomas Alfredson, the protagonist Harri Hole investigates the murders of women who are committed to snowfall.

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