10 cruel signals that she fell out of love with you

Boots are tight, wilted tomatoes ...

“Just yesterday I looked into my eyes, and now it’s already squinted to the side,” Anna Akhmatova described bitterly the sensations of a woman who had fallen out of love. But men from such a case are also not insured. “There was a darling - he became hateful,” the Russian proverb laughs. If you do not want to feel like a suitcase without a handle, which your beloved is heavy to bear, but it is a pity to quit, carefully catch and read the signs that will immediately give out cooling from the girl.

10 signals that she stopped loving you
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She does not look into the eyes

That's what Anna Andreevna warned us about - when feelings are flourishing, lovers cannot see each other. Have you suddenly realized that you are constantly catching her eyes, but does he slip away? Alas, when a woman avoids looking into the face of a man during a conversation, it means that she will soon begin to avoid him.

She suddenly becomes very busy

Most recently, you were chatting online all night long; she missed family dinners and lectures at the institute for the sake of meeting you.Now it turns out that she has a lot of urgent matters and important meetings, and because of your passionate night correspondence she has a chronic lack of sleep and circles under the eyes. It's simple. You lose your former value and start to interfere with it.

She does not want to touch

When people are attracted to each other, this is not to be confused with anything: all the time I want to touch, pull over to the object of my love. That is why lovers hold hands all the time and cuddle in public. Avoiding bodily contact is a clear sign of indifference.

She avoids sex

Bitter jokes about the constant headache of his wife come up with husbands with a long experience of family life. If you notice that the once-loving darling is repeatedly making excuses from intima - this is a sign that you will soon change your social network status to “free” or “actively searching.”

She criticizes

Sometimes publicly. And sometimes very evil. No wonder people say: "Not good for good, but good for good." Beloved and forgive mistakes, and disadvantages, and bad habits. But it is worth the feelings cool - and you have a stupid hairstyle, and your jokes are not funny, you prefer films that are dull and dull, and the smoke from your cigarettes becomes unbearable.

10 signals that she stopped loving you
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You often quarrel

You still behave as if you are a couple, and she already mentally removes your phone number from the memory - that is, you are dissonant and live in different realities. Therefore, you are surprised why the once docile and smiling girl suddenly became stupid and petty. You annoy her. From here quarrels and conflicts out of the blue. In any case, it seems to you that on an even level.

She is not jealous

I would have arranged the whole scene earlier, at least for order, but now you can watch as many beautiful girls on the street as you like, she doesn’t even notice.

Repeated testing in the form of rigged calls from female groupmates or acquaintances confirmed: she does not care that you can chat or flirt with other women. You are no longer a valuable trophy for her if she is ready to give in to other hunters.

Lost romance

If before she tried to appear before you in all its glory - with make-up, hair laid and in a flirty outfit, now she has hidden the “bait”. Going to her, you see her not in a stylish pajamas, but in knit sweatpants with stretched knees. She makes a sloppy homey bunch on her head, brushes her teeth and polishes her nails in your presence, which was not previously observed. It's simple. She doesn't care about you.As a potential partner, you have no more value for her.

She is indifferent to gifts

“The gift is not nice to us when the one who gave it loves to love,” said William Shakespeare through the mouth of Ophelia. It is possible to add: if you have fallen in love with the one who presented, the presents of his joy do not bring.

If you see that she no longer wears the clocks presented by you, or you put her out of sight with the teddy bear you brought, don’t fear her inability to appreciate things - it’s you who subconsciously want to keep out of sight.

She has secrets

The correspondence in the social network, awkwardly curtailed with your arrival, it is not clear where the expensive spirits appeared from, the trip she planned for the weekend “with a friend that you do not know.”

Hand on heart: one must be completely skinned, so as not to understand the obvious - you are no longer the hero of her novel. And trying to regain love or accept a gap and disappear “from the radar” is up to you.

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